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A Design Odyssey Across Borders

From Stockholm's serene avenues to New York's bustling streets, Serholt Collection thrives in the world's design capitals.


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Lilla Nygatan 23.
Stockholm, 111 28


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37th Floor, One Canada Square,
Canary Wharf, London

New York

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1 Rockefeller Plaza
New York City, 10020
United States

About Us

Serholt Collection is a notable segment of Serholt Group Inc, acting as a prestigious distributor and reseller for a selection of acclaimed European brands within the US and EU. Our unique array of furniture, lighting, and accessories is presently carving a niche in the U.S. and European market landscapes!

Today, our broad catalog showcases esteemed brands like Andrew Martin, Pols Potten, and Liang & Eimil.

Venture into a diverse array of brands that masterfully craft premium pieces, marrying comfort with style seamlessly.

Meet the founder

Steeped in a rich Swedish lineage of aesthetic tradition, Robin Selin embodies a rare confluence of design, architecture, and pattern-making acumen. Born into a family where every line and curve narrates a saga of refined taste and vision, Robin’s roots are deeply entwined with the timeless essence of design.

His innate knack for aesthetics, coupled with a disciplined appreciation for architectural coherence, has always driven Robin to explore beyond the conventional. This zeal not only shaped Robin’s perspective but also laid the cornerstone for what would later blossom into the Serholt Collection under the esteemed umbrella of Serholt Group Inc.

Robin’s journey from the tranquil design havens of Sweden to the pulsing heart of global aesthetic dialogue is much more than a personal venture. It’s an odyssey of carrying forward a legacy while embracing the new, embodying innovation while resonating with timeless traditions.

Now as a luminary in the realm of high-end furnishings and decor, Robin Selin doesn’t just curate pieces; he orchestrates a milieu where every item is a stanza in the larger narrative of elegance and comfort. Under his meticulous stewardship, the Serholt Collection now extends an exclusive invitation to discerning patrons, offering a doorway into a realm where exquisite design meets everyday living.

Our Passion

Our ardor for design encompasses the enthralling voyage from creative genesis to the polished masterpiece showcased in the showroom, and ultimately, nestling in the core of your abode. We cherish the collaborations our remarkable partnered brands forge with designers from every corner of the globe, birthing truly captivating and original designs.

We harbor a sincere affection for the brands we represent and take immense pride in offering a personalized, amiable service with each purchase—be it online or in-store. Our international cadre of professional aficionados infuses life into Serholt Collection daily through their inspiration, dedication, and prowess. Whether you seek guidance or have inquiries, our team is readily accessible via email, phone, or live chat to provide counsel and address your queries.